"To teach me you need to              understand my brain."                             Ylana Bloom, 2013




To teach and support students…   To enable and empower students…   To inspire and energise students…

                                                           to be engaged learners within classrooms
                                                                          teachers require specific
                                                                     knowledge and understanding
                                                                              tools and strategies.

The latest literature and research indicate that an individual’s brain needs to be in an appropriate state in order for learning to take place. The student has to be In the Zone in order for higher order thinking skills such as reading, writing, reasoning, and decision-making to occur. When curriculum and learning activities are delivered to a student who is in a non-optimal state, the result is typically increased anxiety, challenging behaviours, non-participation and/or reduced engagement.

This website is designed to assist you to create learning environments that are vibrant, safe, relevant and academically rigorous.

The information and tools contained in this website is only a GUIDE for teachers. It is recommended that parents and allied health professionals are consulted for formal assessment and interventions for individual students.

Who can benefit from this information?

In the Zone for Learning website has been developed as a resource for teachers of children and young people with a diagnosis of the following, but is not limited to them:

The information, resources and strategies are not limited to these learners only. It can benefit all learners.